To publish an advertisement on Horses24 please register as a user and follow these steps:

  1. Find the PLACE AD NOW module on the Horses24 homepage. Choose the a) Category and b) Advert type form of the advertisement and click on PLACE AD NOW.
  2. You will then be directed to a page displaying CREATE AN ADVERTISEMENT/Type of advertisement chosen (e.g. HORSES). Please enter the name of the horse (or equipment/service) in the box for the title of the advertisement. Then add a description of the object in the form of free text. Click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.
  3. You will then be directed to a page displaying CONTINUE WITH THE ADVERTISEMENT.
    1. Price EUR – Insert the price (numbers only) of the sales item/service, e.g. 1000. Alternatively, write a comment in the box below in the form of free text, e.g. negotiable, make an offer, etc.
    2. Location – Insert the location of the sales item. Make sure to specify at least the city/village and choose the most accurate address suggested by Google. In case of a service, you can also choose your area of operation.
    3. SIRE to SECOND DAM – You can also insert the pedigree of your horse. If no information is inserted, Unknown will be displayed by default.
    4. Link to results – Insert a link to results achieved by your horse, e.g.
    5. Height/cm – Insert your horse’s height at the withers, e.g. 150
    6. Level – insert the course height or the level of dressage your horse participates in, e.g. 120 or L32
    7. Video 1 – Insert a YOUTUBE link of your horse. Make sure the URL is correct! E.g. U1fSZDZnDvw
    8. Video 2 – See the previous item. You can add up to 2 links
    9. Contact details, email – Insert the email address you would like to be published in your advertisement, e.g.
    10. Phone code – Add the area code of your phone number, e.g. +372
    11. Phone number – Insert the phone number to be published in your advertisement, e.g. 50 00000
    12. Name – Insert the name of the contact person to be published in your advertisement, e.g. Jaak or Jaak Smith
    13. Classifications: Horse or pony – Choose from the menu the animal you are selling, e.g. a pony
    14. Gender – Choose from the menu the gender of the horse, e.g. a stallion
    15. Country – Choose from the menu the country the horse is located in, e.g. Estonia
    16. Breed – Choose from the menu the breed of the horse, e.g. a riding pony
    17. Born – Choose from the menu the year the horse was born, e.g. 2006
    18. Discipline – Choose from the menu the discipline the horse participates in, e.g. show jumping
    19. Insert pictures – Click on Upload pictures and upload any pictures you would like to add to the advertisement. You can add picture one at a time and a total of 4 pictures. You can set one of the pictures as the profile picture (click on the right edge and choose Set as profile picture to display it when the advertisement is opened). If no pictures are inserted, the Horses24 logo will be displayed by default.
  4. Click on SAVE.
    1. Your advertisement has now been completed and saved. You can have a look at the preview and see the advertisement still to be published. If you are happy with the advertisement, click on PUBLISH and you will then be directed to Choosing a package. However, if you would like to make any changes or alteration, please click on CHANGE. Click on SAVE and check the preview of the advertisement once again. Repeat this procedure until you are happy with your advertisement, then click on PUBLISH.
  5. You will then be directed to a page displaying CHOOSE A PACKAGE.
    1. This page allows you to choose the Advertisement package. Choose a suitable package based on how you would like to sell your horse. Make sure to check the availability term of the advertisement and the price (prices include 20% VAT). After choosing a suitable package, click SELECT on it.
  6. You will then be directed to a page displaying CHOOSE PAYMENT METHOD AND PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
    1. We currently only offer the option on paying by invoice. If you would like to change the details of the person the invoice is issued to, please click on the corresponding link. Then click on Pay by invoice. The invoice will be sent to the email address you used for registration.
  7. Once the invoice has been paid and we have received the amount on our bank account, your advertisement will be activated within 24 hours and displayed on the Horses24 portal based on the chosen package.