Have you decided to sell your horse and prepared the horse for sale? Selling your horse on the Horses24 portal only costs €12.00, however, prior to publishing your advertisement, make sure it is attractive to potential buyers. To put it simply – thoroughly prepare the advertisement, take your time and do not rush it! Make sure all the information on your horse is stated in the advertisement as this will significantly increase the likelihood of making a sale.

In addition, add any information on what makes your horse special. For example, a good pedigree is likely to be extremely important for many buyers.

Photos and videos make for great data media and help to avoid searches with no results and unwanted contact requests. At the same time, make sure the photos and videos are of good quality and showcase the best features of the horse.

Price. Price is an extremely important factor of the sales process. Many buyers wish to find a suitable horse within a specific price limit. When it is clearly visible that your horse exceeds that budget, you will not be bothered merely out of interest. However, not specifying the price will not display your advertisement as a result of many searches. How to determine the price of your horse? Start with doing some research on the prices of similar horses. Keep in mind that these are prices set by sellers and actual purchase prices are slightly lower. Setting a price that is too high is one of the main reasons for not making a successful sale. If you are planning to sell any equipment with your horse (saddle, bridle, etc.), make sure to mention this in the advertisement.

Do not forget to specify in the advertisement your location and the contact details that you are willing to publicly display! Prior to publishing the advertisement, please check the preview for any mistakes and make sure all the details are correct!